Symptoms chalazion

At the first signs of the disease it can really be confused with barley: in the century appears a little swelling, increasing pain and discomfort as well as irritation occurs.But unlike barley, a few days these symptoms disappear, and swelling at the site is small rounded point.Within a week, she began to grow slowly without causing pain.If nothing is done, the chalazion, achieving small size, begins to put pressure on the eyeball, causing interference to view.

When chalazion on the inner surface of the century image of a red or gray spot.Reaching large, chalazion can cause quite severe pain.However, it does not always have symptoms of chalazion.In 25 cases out of 100 the disease progresses independently, without symptoms and is held in short-term.


main cause of chalazion i
s clogging glands.This, in turn, may be due to a variety of other reasons.Basically, clogging glands are self-purifying naturally, but this is not always happening.Cause clogging glands considered infection.That is, chalazion, it may be a complication after barley.
Another of the probable causes are skin diseases, and the most common of them - seborrheic dermatitis.

injections "KenalogĀ»

drug "Kenalog" is a glucocorticosteroid and is used for inflammation and allergies.Injection "Kenalogum" chalazion to prevent further inflammation due to the strong content of active substances.One of them is triamtsinol."Kenalog" has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-toxic and immunosuppressive effect.

With the introduction of the drug into the chalazion is blocked release of white blood cells and decreases capillary permeability.It promotes the release of iron from the accumulated substances, as well as reduce the size of chalazion.In the case of an injection at an early stage of formation chalazion sufficient minimum dose of 40 mg.The possible need to re-introduce "Kenalogum" after 2-3 weeks.

Ophthalmologist Opinion on the impact of "Kenalogum" on chalazion divided.Most of them believe that the drug is not sufficiently effective and better use "Diprospan" because it has a stronger anti-inflammatory effect.Explain your point of view of the doctor that the treatment of chalazion "Kenalogum" need to re-introduction of injection to eliminate inflammation.But the smaller part of the doctors said it was "Kenalog" effective much more than others.Specialists based on the pharmacological action of the drug, namely its property to interact with specific cytoplasmic receptors.In defending his point of view, they recognize that the sealing of the capsule there is a need of repeated injections, except that the drug minus.