products proudly reported on the label that they are fortified, takes pride of place in supermarkets.Entire showcases multivitamin preparations not every taste and budget meet visitors in every pharmacy.Loving grandmother put their grandchildren fruit, saying: "Eat, baby vitaminchiki."Familiar? It seems that the whole world has announced the hunt for the vitamins and all the people from morning till night, busy trying to get them into your body as much as possible.Yes, people really could not survive without these substances.What are they so useful and why so indispensable? But in order.In the early XX century, Casimir
Funk discovered that the substance found in rice bran, the ability to heal beriberi.As it turned out, this was a matter thiamine (vitamin B1), and the lack of which causes bolezn.Imenno Funk discovered a new class of agents called him and vitamins.Incidentally, the name came out very telling.After all, in Latin "vita" means "life."Indeed, life is impossible without vitamins.These highly active organic substances are involved in all the processes occurring in the human body.Total to date opened 13 kinds of vitamins, essential for life.These are: - A (retinol) - B1 (thiamine) - B2 (riboflavin) - B6 (pyridoxine) - B12 (cobalamin), - C (ascorbic acid); - D (calciferol) - E (tocopherol)- K (phylloquinone): - PP (niacin) - H (biotin) - folacin (folic acid) - pantothenic kislota.Vse these vitamins are of two types - water and fat-soluble vitamins.There are four substances that are not included in the main group.They are called the vitamin-like compounds.These include: lipoic acid, choline, inositol, vitamin P (bioflavonoids).Each of these biologically active substances of different works in the human body.You can see several primerov.Vitamin A (fat soluble) stimulates immune processes, ensures the production of antibodies, a beneficial effect on eyesight.It plays an important role in formation of bones, teeth. vitamins Group B - the important metabolic processes participants.They are involved in the synthesis of the protein that makes up the body tissue.None of these compounds is impossible functioning of the nervous sistemy.Vitamin C - a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from harmful external influences.Ascorbic acid is essential for growth and tissue repair, good immunity.In addition, it is necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous system.A recent widespread method of treatment of nicotine addiction using high doses of vitamin C.U each of the vitamins most extensive track record.People can not survive without them, but because the pursuit of "fortification" is quite understandable.Moreover, that the human body can not itself synthesise vitamins (with very few exceptions), and replenish their stock from the outside.The organism is not able even to store them, because every day people must receive the optimum doses of biologically active compounds.It is necessary for the normal functioning of the human.But how vitamins ingested by homo sapiens-s? Prior to the discovery of these organic substances people get them only with food.After the discovery of vitamin preparations were made by pharmacists.The latter has certain advantages over the first.So, to get your body in all the necessary material, the person should eat daily a certain amount of vegetables and fruits.But what if, for fruits and vegetables out of season?Come to the aid multivitamin preparations.Their composition is balanced.One tablet contains a daily dose of all the vitamins necessary to man.But, as opposed to those that are obtained from food (the body has to work hard to get them), "chemical" vitamins are very easily and completely digested.And it threatens to hypervitaminosis, the symptoms of which are as unpleasant as the consequences much worse than the symptoms and consequences of vitamin deficiency.