Indications vitamin drops

Depending on the circumstances, people of different spheres of employment need help seeing.Developers eye drops, enriched with vitamin complexes, they recommend them to the use of the following categories of people:
- office workers, conducting at a computer monitor all day, and as a result have reddened, his eyes lost visual acuity;
- people older than forty years - the visual acuity deteriorates due to their age-related changes of the vascular system of the whole body;
- myopia or hyperopia suffering people;
- women with varicose veins and with a predisposition to thrombosis;
- people with cataracts or glaucoma in the early stages of these diseases vitamin drops stop their development;
- people suffering from diabetes;
- those who wear cont
act lenses and rigid while experiencing discomfort.

Along with drops, enriched with vitamins, nutrition experts recommend to normalize.Thus, the treatment will be most effective.

Choice vitamin drops

When choosing eye is not necessary to focus primarily on their price.It is necessary to pay close attention to the composition.

Drops must contain:
- vitamin A that helps the retina of the eye;
- thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2) that help in the treatment of horn dystrophy and positively affects the nervous tissue that transmit impulses from the retina to the brain;
- bilberry extract and antioxidants that support the vision and relieve fatigue;
- vitamin C, pyridoxine, vitamin B12 and PP, folic acid.

help in choosing vitamin drops may ophthalmologist.Determine which vitamins are essential and what is necessary to achieve the effect, he will advise the most suitable.

best known, of the proposed eye drops, which give good results are: "Kvinaks", "Prenatsid", "Sankatalin", "Vita Yodurol", "Visine", "Viziomaks", "Mirtilene Forte", "octyl" and"fetters".

If blurred vision and eye fatigue recommend "Kvinaks", "Taufon" and "Oftan-Katahrom."If you are allergic eye disease character, help means "kromogeksal", "Lakrisifin" or "Prenatsid."Also in the treatment of allergic conjunctivitis is important for the prevention bury "Aktipol", "Ifiral", "Optikrom", "Oftan go", "Visine", "Opatanol", "Hi-Chrome" or "Okumetil."We recommend using them for 2-4 weeks before the allergen.