efficacy "Ingavirin" due to its ability to activate the production of interferon, which helps eliminate the virus.Also, the drug has anti-inflammatory effect, reduces the period of illness, relieves fever."Ingavirin" no toxic and mutagenic effects, reduces the severity of intoxication effect of the disease on the body and prevents the development of complications.
«Ingavirin" take with viral respiratory diseases.In particular pereparat prescribed for the treatment parainfluenza, idenovirusnoy and respiratory syncytial virus infections and influenza types A and B. In addition, "Ingavirin" shows prophylactically to prevent disease viral respiratory infections.Including funds recommended during epidemics and after contact with the sick man of SARS.
drug "Ingavirin" are inside, washing it down with water
.Swallow the capsules should be whole without chewing.The medicine can be drunk at any time, without focusing on the meal.The daily dose of "Ingavirin" is 90 mg.This amount of drug is contained in 1-3 capsules (depending on dose).Take "Ingavirin" should be 1 per day.The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the disease and is 5-7 days.
To prevent respiratory infection after contact with patients should also take 90 mg "Ingavirin" a day.The duration of preventive therapy - up to 7 days.It is important to begin treatment as soon as possible, but not later than 36 hours after the onset of the first signs of illness or contact with an infected person.The exact duration of treatment "ingavirin" determined by the physician.
drug therapy "Ingavirin" usually runs well.In some cases, the treatment can cause allergies - such phenomena indicate hypersensitivity to the components of the drug substance.In the event during the treatment pills "Ingavirin" pronounced side effects should see a doctor.