What is stress

Stress can be present in the life of any person.The situations at home, at work, on the street could be its cause.As a result, together with the stress a person can provoke a variety of diseases that will make his life even more difficult.Indigestion, violation of sleep, nightmares at night - it's just the easiest side effects of daily stress.

measures to deal with stress

Many doctors believe that the cause of stress is the inability to switch from their problems on some positive emotions or other type of activity.Sometimes, people come home, bring back the mood that kopilos during the day.

It turns out that even people at home can not ignore the problems and concerns of workers.For this to happen, you need to come up with something to do, hobb
y, which can be to do it at home.Do not just run to the TV and watch everything, it does not weaken, on the contrary, further adversely affects the nervous system.You can sew, sculpt in clay, to make soap or chocolate, start sewing the veil.Any such activity promotes relaxation, switching.

If there is no passion, you can just go in for sports.In the morning, it is recommended to do a five-minute charge, which helps the body to wake up and tune into a good mood.During the day, you need to allocate mikropauzy for breathing exercises, exercises for fingers, eyes.Such exercises should be carried out at the first sign of fatigue.At the same time it will switch the brain cells to the current action.

Psychologists advise to dispense communion, in fact it often leads to an overabundance of stress.When a person feels that communication moves to a negative note, but the sides are tired of each other, you must complete a dialogue on a positive note.Although people - a social being, communication sometimes becomes a burden.Therefore, the rule of dosing communication must not be neglected.

profilaktirovat to stress, you need to properly rest.Output should be for everyone, their duration should be 2 days, you can not sacrifice time for lunch, to decide in this period any problem.The holidays have to go every year and it is desirable to carry out active and outdoors.Communicating with animals, children, walks in the woods or garden greatly relieve stress and serve as an excellent prevention.