Anorexia - a serious mental disorder associated with reluctance (and later inability) to take food and accompanied by disturbances in all body systems.The typical age for the emergence and development of the disease is 15-20 years, and it is particularly susceptible to the girl.

first sign of anorexia - dissatisfaction with their weight a person (often completely normal) and appearance.Considering himself unattractive, the patient is constantly striving to lose weight.By the way, the root cause of the disease is most often is inadequately low self-esteem.

behavior of women with anorexia are very similar.Basically, it is based on a restrictive and cleansing tactics.Girls knowingly and voluntarily waive the food, allowing himself only a very small portion.When cho
osing the second approach, they can load up to satiety, but immediately after meals arouse vomiting or abusing laxatives and enemas.

similar feeding behavior can have many of the most unpleasant consequences.Firstly, with significant weight reduction in women missing menstruation cycle slips.In this case, the doctor diagnoses "amenorrhea".Next, the normal menstrual cycle is restored by means of hormone replacement therapy.

addition, weight loss and severe restrictions in the diet may lead to at least reduce irritability and mood, and in the worst case - even death.There may be sleep disturbances, disruptions in the heart, chronic depression.If you notice any symptoms of anorexia should immediately consult a specialist.

Treatment of anorexia - a long and complex process that requires a holistic approach.Appointed restorative drugs, and at strong exhaustion produce drip intravenous nutrition to sustain the body.In some cases, also addresses the issue of the appointment of antidepressants and tranquilizers.

be able to prevent development of the disease, if the time to take the necessary measures.In the early stages of anorexia cure, not yet a complicated list of related diseases, is much easier.When an obsessive desire to lose weight or strong stressful situations it is better to turn to a psychologist or psychiatrist to cope with the problem and prevent the occurrence of new ones.