Why sore nipples women

Nipples - one of the most sensitive parts of the female body.Often, pain in this area can be caused by the menstrual cycle, and taking any antidepressants or hormones.Moreover, the cause of pain in the nipple may be the formation of cysts in the mammary gland or breast.

discomfort in this area may occur during PMS, menstruation, pregnancy, during lactation.In these cases, women's nipples and swell increase somewhat.Their sensitivity is also increased, which is capable of causing discomfort and pain.

During breastfeeding pain in the nipples may occur for the following reasons:
- wearing synthetic underwear;
- dryness, irritation or damage to the outside of the breast;
- wrong position of the mother and baby during feeding;
- wrong baby suckling milk;
- wrong (sharp) stop feeding process.

nipples may hurt for other reasons - for example, due to wear uncomfortable bra, the high sensitivity of the outer part of the breast, puberty, pregnancy, washing chlorinated water, wipe with a rough towel, and others.

nipple pain in women may beIt occurs due to various diseases, such as mastitis or mastitis.If this is also observed nipple discharge, it may indicate the presence of breast tumor.But we should not panic too soon, only a specialist can accurately determine the cause and prescribe treatment.

Why sore nipples in males

If the body is broken hormones, it can lead to increased morbidity and nipples.To find out exactly whether this is the case, consult a doctor-endocrinologist who you appoint analyzes on hormones.

most common cause of unpleasant sensations in the nipples in men is gynecomastia.Increases can match the two nipple and one.

Gynecomastia can be true or false.In the first case the breasts sore and substantially increase because proliferation of connective tissue and ducts.It can occur due to hormonal disorders or due to hereditary predisposition.

If such gynecomastia appeared in adolescence, it can pass by itself.When false gynecomastia nipples increases the deposition of adipose tissue in the breast area, and they usually do not hurt.

Another possible reason for sore nipples - breast cancer.This disease can occur in both men and women.Symptoms in the stronger sex are distinguished by their characteristics.