«Noliprel" prescribed solely for the treatment of essential hypertension.The active substances perindopril and indapamide mutually reinforce each other's action, it provides a marked decrease in pressure.Persistent clinical therapeutic effect occurs within a month after receiving the drug."Noliprel" restores the elasticity of the large arteries, has on the vessels dilate action reduces left ventricular hypertrophy.Analogues "Noliprel" are "Noriprel A", "Noliprel Forte", "Co-Perineva", "Enap-H."
«Noliprel" should be used for one tablet a day, preferably in the morning.During the first 14 days of taking the drug can cause a sharp drop in blood pressure, in this case, means it is not necessary to cancel."Noliprel" may cause the following side effects: orthostatic hypotension, angina, myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, stroke,
dizziness, headache, cramps, fatigue, asthenia, blurred vision, breach of taste perception, paresthesia, decreased kidney function, acute renal failure,bronchospasm, dry cough, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, constipation or diarrhea, cholestatic jaundice, pancreatitis, dry mouth, allergic reactions, increased sweating, anemia and reduced potency.
«Noliprel" is contraindicated in angioedema in history, severe renal failure, severe liver disease (including at encephalopathy), with hypokalemia, pregnancy and lactation, hypersensitivity to constituents of the preparationand other ACE inhibitors.The tool is also contraindicated when taken with drugs that prolong the interval QT.
Precautions should be taken "Noliprel" in renal failure, systemic connective tissue diseases, hyperuricemia, during hemodialysis using vysokoprotochnyh membranes, diabetes, cerebrovascular disease, severe heart failure in the 4th stage, with renovascular hypertension, unstable blood pressure, aortic stenosis, bilateral renal artery stenosis, during treatment with lithium and potassium after kidney transplantation, while taking immunosuppressive drugs to children and adolescents, with an age of 18 elderly patients.