antlers as the impact on the body

and ginseng and antlers - powerful adaptogens substances mobilize the body's defenses to resist stress, pathogens, harmful effects of pollution.And there's even had antlers advantage ginseng: animal adaptogens vegetable digested better, they are more effective range of their wider impact.

Antlers does not affect the individual organs or systems, and complex organism as a whole.Their action is compared with a rejuvenating effect.It is not an exaggeration.The concentration of the bio-stimulating substances in antlers so great that the metabolism gets a huge speed.I get a lot of new cells to replace old and defective, and eventually organs and systems are updated, actually look younger.

Medicinal properties of antlers

Although people are treated Pant long ago, their action is studied by science is not yet fully.However, research is well established: drugs are significantly increase overall body tone.

They eliminate the various disorders of the nervous system.Beneficial effects on the heart, seizing job infarction.Normalizes blood pressure in hypotension.Activate the gastrointestinal tract and urinary system.

Accelerate the healing of inflamed and scarred tissue.It stimulates the activity of the sexual sphere.Assist easier to carry a variety of disorders and complications caused by menopause.

Application medicine

85% of patients cerdechno disease, have undergone treatment medications from antlers, decreased heart rate pain, have hypotensive stabilized pressure.And 96% of patients with varicose veins significantly improved blood circulation.

These drugs provide a good therapeutic effect in gastric ulcer.In 75% of patients are scars, almost all lady's finger pain disappears.

clinical studies have also found that the effectiveness of drugs in osteoarthritis of antlers up to 90%, disc herniation - 95%, osteochondrosis - 98%, and increases the range of motion in all patients.Relief from pain and improve general condition is stably maintained for at least six months.

effectively treated with drugs such chronic fatigue syndrome and panic attacks attacks.To calm the patient returns, sleep, positive attitude, improving their performance.After the second course of therapy, the therapeutic effect lasts at least a year.

Doctors recommend the use of drugs from the antlers when recovering from difficult operations, serious illnesses, especially when patients are bedridden for a long time.They have significantly improved the composition of blood and blood circulation, reduces blood sugar and "bad" cholesterol.Sores that occur after surgery in 85% of cases heal completely.

effectiveness of these drugs proved in the treatment of prostatitis, urethritis, impotence.Maral antlers have long been known as a powerful aphrodisiac, which allows not to lose virility to a ripe old age.Especially effective antler baths.Showing they are women in many gynecological problems.

Finally, drugs are effective in the treatment of antlers skin diseases: eczema, various dermatitis, allergic neurodermatitis, photodermatosis.They improve the quality of the skin, especially thin, porous, wrinkled, and not by chance are part of the luxury cosmetics.

of the drugs commonly known "Pantocrine."In addition, the extract of antlers made a lot of biologically active additives "Pantogematogen", "Pantoprost", "Maranol", "Novopan", "Gemafemin" and others.

They have contraindications: atherosclerosis, hypertension, nephritis, severe heartfailure, cancers, as well as during pregnancy and breastfeeding.