abundance of information and availability of drugs often lead to the fact that people themselves establish the diagnosis, prescribing medication and is generally considered that the physician is only required to sign the hospital.And while they do not realize how serious and fatal consequences of self may be.Symptoms in diseases may well be similar as, for example, occurs in the case of influenza, colds or sore throats.But the approach to treatment is completely different.
Bacterial infections need antibiotics, but if you take antibiotics when viral diseases, nothing but harm, it will not do.The immune system and so work at full speed, fully focused on the reflection of a virus at
tack, and now on it is applied by the patient extra kick.That is why the flu and not treated with antibiotics.Although, in fairness, it should be noted that sometimes doctors prescribe this type of medicine and the flu, but it happens only if there is a risk of joining a secondary infection: pneumonia, bronchitis, etc.Rate the likelihood of the threat can only specialist, and he also will choose the most suitable for this situation medication.
no less dangerous the flu can be loved by the people and wiping, be it water, vinegar or vodka.Moreover, almost no one takes into account the fact that the increase in temperature body fights the pathogen.And the news that the drop in temperature during the growing limbs fever can lead to severe complications - occurrence of febrile seizures - is for many a great discovery, which they will learn too late, in fact what happened.
course, there are medications that can be taken without a doctor's prescription.One of them is "AnviMaks" - the preparation of a new generation, a unique composition which is perfectly suited for the treatment at the first signs of the flu.It contained acetaminophen helps to reduce body temperature and rimantadine has antiviral effect.Also, the preparation includes protecting vessels and capillaries - Rutoside gluconate and calcium, vitamin C and antihistamine loratadine component that prevents swelling of the mucous.
The only thing that is required from the patient - to drink Complex Capsules (red and blue) or dissolve the bag medicine in hot water, drink it and go to bed to allow immunity combined with medication to repel an attack of the virusflu.And as soon as it becomes easier, you need to go to the doctor.Albeit to the monitor how the process of recovery and whether the threat of complications.