composition and action of "Chi-Klim»

cream and preparations a series of "Chi-Klim", produced by "Evalar" are the most popular and in demand in Russia.They have a unique anti-aging action, thanks to which women can get rid of wrinkles at home.This cosmetic contains plant phytoestrogen black cohosh, safety and efficacy of which has been proved and studied.

black cohosh extract is a leader in the German market herbal cosmetics for women of middle and old age.

Action "Chi-Klim" is smoothing wrinkles and the complex rejuvenation of the skin.Creams and preparations in this series can save a woman from even deep wrinkles, prevent them from occurring in the future.In addition, they normalize ho
rmones and stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and collagen in the skin - all this is happening due to phytoestrogens black cohosh.Because phytoestrogens are natural analogues of the female hormone estrogen, they have successfully carried out their work and do no harm, unlike other hormones.

Efficiency "Chi-Klim»

As a result of "Chi-Klim" the skin becomes more supple and elastic all over the body, including natural mechanisms to maintain harmony and girlish figure, and also eliminates the pigmented age spots.After saturation of the organism phytoestrogens, wrinkles begin to flatten the inside, since the intensified collagen begins to fill the furrow new young subcutaneous tissue.The skin is tightened and gets a young blooming.

Russian series of preparations "Chi-Klim" Quality is no different from their foreign counterparts on the basis of phytoestrogens.

Creams "Chi-Klim" for face and body contains in its composition not only an extract of black cohosh, but a number of well-known anti-aging ingredients such as vitamins A, E and F, hyaluronic acid, allantoin and phospholipids.Women especially popular cream "Chi-Klim Botoeffect», intended for the correction of facial wrinkles.It is an excellent natural alternative to botox injections, because it contains the peptide Argireline, which relaxes facial muscles and allow them to actively decline.As a result, even the deepest wrinkles are gradually smoothed out and did not reappear.