«Enterofuril" indicated for the treatment of acute, chronic diarrhea of ​​bacterial origin, chronic diarrhea in colitis, iatrogenic diarrhea caused by the use of antimicrobials, diarrhea of ​​unknown origin (indication).The drug has a bactericidal, bacteriostatic effect, activates the immune system.The tool does not inhibit the useful microflora and causes goiter."Enterofuril" is not absorbed in the digestive tract, it creates a high drug concentration in the intestines.Analogues "Enterofuril" are "nifuroxazide", "Ekofuril", "ersefuril", "Lekor."
preparation in the form of capsules and suspensions are used in adults and children from 7 years.Children up to seven years is recommended only suspension.Adults need to take 200 mg "Enterofuril" four times a day, the maximum daily amount - 800 mg.Children aged
from two to seven years give 200 mg three times a day.The maximum daily amount of 600 mg.Children aged seven months to two years give 100 mg of the drug three times a day.The daily dosage for this group of patients should not exceed 400 mg.For children from one to seven months dosage "Enterofuril" is 100 mg twice daily.The drug is taken within seven days.Means can drink regardless of mealtime.The capsules are swallowed whole and washed down with plenty of water.The suspension was thoroughly shaken before use.
«Enterofuril" is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to its components, as a child of up to one month.It is not indicated for the treatment of premature infants, the capsule is not used in children under the age of seven years."Enterofuril" generally well tolerated, in rare cases, it was noted the appearance of allergic reactions (urticaria).During pregnancy, the drug can be used only on strict conditions and only if the expected benefit to the mother is significantly higher than the potential risk to the fetus.The drug does not penetrate into breast milk, it can be used during lactation.It is not recommended to use "Enterofuril" with drugs containing ethanol, as well as simultaneously with sorbents which reduce its effectiveness.If you accidentally taking very high doses of the drug is recommended gastric lavage and receiving enterosorbentnyh drugs.