How does the "Viagra»

physiological erection triggered by nitric oxide, which is formed in the cavernous bodies during sexual stimulation.The presence of nitric oxide is necessary to relax the smooth muscles of the corpora cavernosa.It increases blood flow, an erection occurs.When the concentration of nitric oxide is insufficient, an erection may be insufficient, or comes very slowly.A man can not have intercourse."Viagra" enhances the effect of nitric oxide, which triggers other processes, leading to an erection.

should know that "Viagra" does not have any serious effect on healthy men, it does not make sexual i
ntercourse longer, and a good enough erection is not necessary to do even better.In addition, the reception of "Viagra" in healthy men can cause swelling and long lasting painful erection.If you need to prolong sexual intercourse, to make the feeling more vibrant - use aphrodisiacs and pheromones.

Feature of "Viagra" is that it should be taken about an hour before planned sexual intercourse.If intercourse has not taken place, the erection will not occur, but during the day you can not take more than one pill."Viagra" begins to act quickly and just as quickly eliminated from the body, the half-life is quite short - only 4 hours, so optimally when sex happens in 1-1.5 hours. After administration.

Side effects and special instructions

«Viagra» should not take men who have serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as taking nitrates, and some means to reduce the pressure.Patients who have a coronary heart disease, to take "Viagra" is acceptable, but only after stabilization, the dose should choose a doctor, it is usually less than half the recommended.During an intimate relationship it is recommended to give up too much activism as "Viagra" must be used with caution in patients who are contraindicated sudden physical exertion.

«Viagra" does not impair reproductive function and does not affect the quality of sperm.Representatives of the manufacturer commented that "Viagra" safe when used correctly, and because it allows you to have sex all happen increases the likelihood of fertilization.

Headache and impaired visual perception, when the world appears in the blue-blue tones - the most frequent side effects.Flushing and palpitations are less common.Some men briefly reduced pressure."Viagra" is sold over the counter without a prescription but you should consult with your doctor to find out the nature of dysfunction and the feasibility of the symptomatic treatment of "Viagra".