Complex treatment of dysbiosis should be aimed at eliminating excessive colonization by bacteria of the small intestine, as well as the restoration of normal flora in the colon.In addition, the need to achieve better digestion and restore impaired GI motility.In order to suppress excessive growth of pathogenic organisms used antibiotics.They are assigned strictly based on the sensitivity of microorganisms.
When staphylococcal dysbacteriosis used macrolides ("oleandomitsina", "Clarithromycin"), semi-synthetic penicillins ("Amoxicillin", "Oxacillin").If against, and modified forms of E. coli are effective nitrofurans ("nifuroxazide", "ersefuril", "Enterofuril"), sulfa drugs ("Ftalazol", "Sulgin"), nalidixic acid derivatives ("nevigramon").In the case o
f fungi in the feces appoint "Nystatin" or "levorin."Upon detection of enterococci used semisynthetic macrolides ("Erythromycin"), penicillins ("Ampicillin"), Pseudomonas aeruginosa - aminoglycosides ("kanamycin", "gentamicin").These drugs should be taken for 7-10 days.
after antibiotic therapy administered probiotics that contain live cultures of bacteria, "Bifidumbacterin", "Lactobacterin", "Bifikol", "Linex", "Baktisubtil", "Enterol."You can take "Hilak forte" - a drug from the group eubiotics.It contains micro-organisms that secrete the metabolism of foods that have a negative effect on the bacteria.When violations of the digestive cavity using "Kreon", "pantsitrat" ​​and other enzyme preparations.To improve the function of the suction appointed "Legalon", "Essentiale", "Karsil" that stabilize the membrane of the intestinal epithelium.
Propulsion improve bowel function "trimebutin" ("Debridat"), "Imodium (" loperamide ").Debilitated patients to improve the reactivity of the organism must take immune-boosting agents' Timalin "," Taktivin "," Immunal "," Timogen "," Immunofan. "The course of treatment should be 4 weeks.At the same time you need to drink vitamins.During treatment of dysbiosis is necessary to follow a diet that includes plenty of fiber and fiber (whole wheat bread, oatmeal, fruits, vegetables), dairy products (yogurt, buttermilk, yogurt, acidophilus).At night you need to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water.