Indications "Chitosan»

«Chitosan" - is aminosaharid, which is derived from the shells of crustaceans.The drug reduces the level of uric acid and cholesterol in blood, binds and removes ions of various metals, promotes the absorption of calcium, has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

biologically active supplement "chitosan" take a part of complex treatment and as prevention of disorders of cholesterol metabolism (hypercholesterolemia, atherosclerosis), as well as biliary dyskinesia (or colon), goiter, cholelithiasis, intestinal, osteoporosis, hypertension,gout, coronary heart disease, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, cancer.The mechanism of action of this substance in certain indications (for example, excess body weight) is still not clear, scientists believe more research is needed. «Chitosan" is also used for weight loss, allergies or intoxi
cation - for cleansing of toxins.

Instructions for Use "Chitosan»

«Chitosan" designated for adults and children at the age of twelve years.The drug must be taken for three to four tablets twice a day, washed down with plenty of water (at least 200 ml)."Chitosan" take an hour before eating or two hours after a meal.The duration of assets - one month.Perhaps a repeat course of treatment up to three times a year.To reduce body weight "chitosan" must be taken three times a day for four pills within three months.For weight control must be followed low-carbohydrate diet and drink one tablet of the drug before a fatty meal. During the reception, "Chitosan" is necessary to follow a diet that corresponds to the underlying disease.

As a precaution "Chitosan" long take two tablets twice a day.In acute poisoning with medication must be taken every two hours on the single tablet, but not more than six units a day."Chitosan" are used and externally: for healing wounds, scars and burns.You must mix the powder of 3-4 capsules with a glass of water and 20 drops of lemon juice and lubricate the affected area.The mixture should be kept on the skin for as long as possible.

contraindications, side effects, "Chitosan»

«Chitosan" is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation (lactation) in detecting hypersensitivity to the drug.It should not be taken simultaneously with the oily agent forms of vitamins and drugs, as they reduce its effectiveness."Chitosan" by the reviews do not cause side effects.The drug is available without a prescription.Shelf life of dietary supplement - not more than three years.