pharmaceutical industry in all developed countries produces a huge amount of multivitamin complexes having a different trade name and a different price.All modern complexes produced by a special technology and may fill the shortage of vitamins and minerals, while in one dragee, capsule or tablet.This is possible thanks to the fact that the group of different vitamins and minerals, which reinforce each other, are released in the body and absorbed in different time periods.So talk about that in a single preparation combined comple
tely incompatible is absolutely baseless and futile.
The fact that you do not have enough vitamins and minerals, you can find out by a blood test, which will issue a referral to a therapist or pediatrician.On the shortage of vitamins you can also learn by brittle and fragile hair and nails, according to the general weakness, frequent colds.In children, lack of vitamins and minerals causes rickets, delayed mental and physical development, lethargy, apathy, or vice versa, restlessness, tearfulness, etc.
Multivitamins rational to take in times of epidemics of viral diseases, after serious illness with prolonged use of any drugs.If you experience weakness, lethargy, you find it difficult in the morning to get up alarm clock in your life there are stress, heavy physical or mental stress, you're irrational and malnourished, often a cold, annoyed at the slightest provocation and without cause, start taking a multivitamin preparations.
As prevention take 1 capsule, coated tablet or 1 every day after breakfast.Continue to take 14-30 days, depending on the state of health.
After a serious illness, heavy blood loss, prolonged medication, take 1 capsule, coated tablet or 2 times a day, after breakfast and after dinner.
If you are expecting a child, before taking any multivitamin complexes get the advice of a doctor.Also consult a specialist worth individuals with a tendency to allergic reactions and having a severe chronic disease.And of course, children can be given a multivitamin prescription-only pediatrician.