Tablets for abortion is not a lot.There are drugs that are used by doctors to perform medical abortion, there are also techniques, the so-called emergency contraception, which include "Postinor" and "eskapel."Doctors always warn about the possible dangers that can bring these drugs to the body.
formulated for pharmaceutical abortion mifepreston - a synthetic substance that has steroidal origin.It blocks the action of progesterone, causes contraction of the myometrium, resulting fertilized egg loses its shell and detaches from the uterine wall.All these processes can trigger inflammation of the uterus and appendages.This is a very negative consequences on the reproductive apparatus of the woman.Very often when taking preparations containing mefipreston, there are headaches, nausea, dizziness, possible temperature rise and deter
ioration of general condition.
second drug for medical termination of pregnancy contain misoprostol, which causes strong uterine contractions, facilitates the opening of the cervix.The result is bleeding, like menses.Misoprostol can cause further violations of the menstrual cycle, until the lack of menses - amenorrhea.In the future, this side effect may hinder the desired pregnancy.
Since these drugs have many side effects, they are taken only after examination by a gynecologist and under the close supervision of his.But even these precautions can not protect a woman from the harmful effects of drugs, because a lot depends on the individual buildings and the general condition of the body.
Some women use emergency contraception methods and take "Postinor" or "eskapel" which, unfortunately, are sold in pharmacies without a prescription.These drugs contain levonorgestrel, which is able to provide extremely harmful effects on the female body.The most common side effect is a delay in menstruation, and subsequently the menstrual cycle.Headaches, nausea, pain in the breast and abdomen are found in almost all taking levonorgestrel.
to become in the future a happy mother, the woman should take care of their health.In order to avoid receiving such health hazardous drug can only take care of contraception: condoms or oral contraceptives.