vomiting in young children

Infants often get food poisoning.The consequence are diarrhea and vomiting.The most important remedy for vomiting in small children - a timely and copious fluid intake.Vomiting and nausea scare kids as much as their parents.So the main thing in this situation - to remain calm.Before the treatment of the child, it is necessary to determine the exact cause of vomiting.Only then can move to the choice for the treatment of emesis.

medication should be used only for the purpose of the attending physician.The specialist will help you choose the medicine.Considering all the features of the baby.Most often, kids vomiting prescribe drugs such as Ranisan, Motonium, Domperidone and hexane.These medications help to compens
ate the lost fluid and minerals in the body.

What medications can be used by vomiting?

in pharmacies and specialized stores you can watch a wide variety of drugs and medicines from vomiting and nausea.However, to use them without a prescription is not recommended.Many drugs have a lot of side effects and contraindications.Most importantly for poisoning to clean the intestines and stomach.Therefore, it is not recommended to stop the process by artificial means.To facilitate the cleaning of the stomach and the vomiting process, you can use a solution of potassium permanganate.To facilitate the vomiting to drink a large amount of the solution.

can also use rehydron - aqueous solution prevents dehydration and helps purging stomach.After cleansing the stomach, in order to stop the vomiting, you can take torekan.This drug is usually prescribed to people with seasickness or vestibular disorders.Excellent helps remedy for dizziness and nausea.Improve the tone of the stomach and intestines help tool called - tsisap.

Can I take medication for vomiting?

Many people in the process of trying to stop her vomiting various drugs.But a large number of these drugs may have different side effects and contraindications.Because some medicines at the pharmacy from nausea and vomiting are released only by prescription.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, in this case it is better to avoid self-medication.It is much better to be on the part of the patient to consult a doctor.The doctor will most accurately identify the causes of nausea or vomiting, and already relying on them prescribe safe and effective drugs.The pharmacy needs to come from a recipe from the attending physician.