Tablets "Klatsid" is taken orally 2 times a day.The recommended dose is 250 mg of funds, in severe cases - 500 mg per reception.The course of treatment is carried out 5-14 days.In the treatment of mycobacterial infections job means increased dosage to 1 mg "klatsid", duration of treatment - 6 months or more.
¬ęKlatsid" in the form of injections are administered intravenously.Dosage - 500 mg 2 times a day.If mycobacterial lesions number of funds can be increased by 2 times.The duration of intravenous use "klatsid" is 2-5 days.Next, a transition to the medication in tablet form.
for solution for injection "Klatsid" into the vial w
ith the powder should be added to 10 ml of sterile water.Obtain funds before using the need to connect with 250 ml of 5% dextrose or 0.9% sodium chloride solution.Enter "Klatsid" in the vein should be for 60 minutes.
suspension "Klatsid" is available in 60 ml and 100 ml.The concentration of active substance in 5 ml of the product in this case is 125 mg and 250 mg, respectively.The suspension can be taken between meals, eating, drinking it with milk.The drug should be given to children 2 times a day.For convenience of dosing suspension "Klatsid" measured in teaspoons 1 h. L.It contains 5 ml.
To make money in a container of granules should be added to the water to mark indicated on the bottle.Thereafter, the bottle with the suspension must be shaken until complete dissolution of the pellets.Store the finished composition can be for two weeks at room temperature.Before each use, the vial should be shaken.
When nemikobakterialnyh infections take suspension for 5-7 days, streptococcal pharyngitis - 10 days or more.The dosage of the drug depends upon the child's weight and 7.5 mg / kg.When the concentration of active substance of 125 mg / 5 ml for children weighing 8-11 kg given 0.5h. L.preparation for the reception.When body weight 12-19 kg give 1 ch. L., With a weight of 20-29 kg - 1.5 h. Liter.facilities.Single dose for children weighing 30-40 kg - 2 ch. L."Klatsid."Before the drug concentration of 250 mg / 5 ml dose should be reduced by 2 times, this form can provide children weighing more than 12 kg.
HIV-infected children should be given the drug concentration of 125 mg / 5 ml.Depending on the severity of the condition, the dosage may be administered 15 mg / kg or 30 mg / kg.Recurrent amount of agent in the dose of 15 mg / kg is: for children weighing 8-11 kg - 1 hour. L., Weighing 12-19 kg - 2 hours. L., 20-29 kg - 3 hours. L., 30-40 kg - 4 hours. l.At a dosage of 30 mg / kg, the amount of drug to be doubled.Duration of therapy in this case is determined by the doctor.