Up to 15 weeks of pregnancy Alcohol is absolutely contraindicated, because the fetus is not yet formed, and too susceptible to the negative effects.There is such a thing as "fetal alcohol syndrome".Children whose mothers drank alcohol regularly, are lagging behind in physical and mental development, suffer from nervous disorders.
artificial flavors, dyes, flavor enhancers, and extra sugar that make up the wine, can cause allergies in mom and baby, poor health, and even poisoning.
British scientists experimentally proved that the use of very small amounts (a teaspoon per day) of high-quality alcoholic beverages helps a woman to become pregnant and have a positive effect on the development of the baby.
If a pregnant there is an overwhelming desire to drink wine, it can be due to a lack of vitamin B and R. It should see a specialist for the purpose of data elements.
If a pregnant woman has dared to drink wine, you need to choose a quality dry red wine or Cahors.These varieties of wine contribute to the saturation of blood hemoglobin with oxygen, as well as raise the appetite and, in some cases, can help to cope with toxemia.
Some experts recommend adding in tea or hot water a teaspoon of brandy to bring out the tone of the uterus.
House wine is considered to be low-alcoholic drinks, and usually contains no chemical additives.House wine is able to deal with hypertension, strengthens the skeleton contains various minerals, which undoubtedly shows his favor.But, again, we need to ensure that high-quality wine, drinking it can be no more than 100 g per week.
As a way out, there is the option of non-alcoholic wine.Fortress of the wine is reduced to 0.5%.Non-alcoholic wine is shown in chronic gastritis with low acidity, chronic fatigue, cirrhosis of the liver, high blood pressure.But we must also bear in mind that in the non-alcoholic wine may be present chemicals that can cause allergies or poisoning, not only in pregnant women, but also among people in a healthy condition of the body.Eat non-alcoholic wine is allowed no more glasses a week, and only if we are sure that the high quality beverage.