Essentially creatine can be called intermediate energy storehouse of the body, because it promotes the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) - the main source of energy needed to operate the muscles.Therefore, creatine is very popular among people engaged in power sports, as well as in wanting to build muscle.

How does creatine in the human body

As already stated, the source of energy for skeletal muscle is ATP.When a molecule of the substance releases energy needed for muscle contraction, it is cleaved by one phosphate group and forming acid molecule of adenosine diphosphate (ADP).However, due to the presence in the body of creatine, the reaction becomes reversible.

Furthermore, creatine muscle volume increases due to thickening of the muscle fibers.

Finally, creatine increases the body's ability to tolerate short-lived, but very i
ntensive workload.Therefore, it is especially useful for those athletes who need to "explosive" force - weightlifting, rugby, gymnastics, cycling sprinters, runners and swimmers for short distances.

Creatine was discovered in 1832, and in 1926 there were experimental evidence of its effectiveness for muscle growth.With 90 years of XX century, it is one of the most popular supplements for athletes.

How should I take creatine

main source of creatine with food - it's red meat.However, for example, for the intake of a total of two grams of creatine would have to eat about a kilogram of beef.Therefore, this addition taking as a powder.You can purchase it in stores of sports nutrition.

Experimental data have shown that the most effective creatine absorbed when the human body is contained in most insulin.This happens either immediately after awakening in the morning, or after receiving some sweet food (or sweet drink), or 30-60 min after exercise.

Most sources recommend taking creatine for 1 hour after the workout, spreading the powder in water or some sugary drinks, such as grape juice.The daily dose, frequency and duration of creatine supplementation is calculated individually, based on the age, weight and level of fitness person.It is better to consult on this issue with an expert.