Before delay the first sign of pregnancy may become excessive sleepiness and morning sickness.This is due to changes in the neuroendocrine regulation.Night sleep becomes restless, interrupted.
In the first week of pregnancy may slightly increase breast.A woman may seem like a normal bra size became a bit cramped.
sharp change of smell and taste can make review your diet.And if there is one irresistible craving to eat something sour or salty, others are drawn to sweet.
In the early stages of pregnancy may experience increased salivation, resulting in a change in the acidity of the gastrointestinal tract, change the digestive process and result in the loss or gain in the range of two to three kilograms.
Increased progesterone production le
ads to forgetfulness, nesobrannosti, apathy, frequent mood swings.The reason for this condition is a slight decrease in estrogen levels and the prevalence of progesterone - a hormone that depressing effect on the psyche.
basal body temperature during pregnancy occurs sharply reduced, as a surge of progesterone simultaneously and a transient increase in estrogen leads to temperature fluctuations.
first signs of pregnancy may be a delay before the headache.This results in a change in hormone levels.Many women feel that the stomach is slightly increased.The reason for these changes may be irregularities in the bowel.When changing the hormone levels of food slows down the speed of progress, there is flatulence and constipation.
Up delays ensuing indirect sign of pregnancy can be a change in sexual desire.This contributes to hormonal changes the body.At the end of the first trimester of pregnancy, all comes back to normal again.
Subjective feelings women can not guarantee that the pregnancy has indeed occurred.Before the delay menstruation pregnancy can be diagnosed already on the eighth day from the date of the alleged fertilization.Chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG-beta in early pregnancy increases rapidly.Double conducted a blood test, which showed the upper limit of normal of hormones - the most reliable sign of further delays to learn about pregnancy.