Influenza is transmitted from an infected person to a healthy by airborne droplets, so initially the virus enters the mucous of the upper respiratory tract, and in a few hours into the blood.The disease is characterized by acute onset, why do not notice it the first symptoms is hard enough.These include dryness of the nose and throat (rarely - a runny nose), headache, weakness, loss of appetite, drowsiness, muscle aches, sore and sore throat.
The main symptoms of the flu are also an increase in body temperature above 38 ° C and, as a consequence, fever or chills.This indicates the fact that the virus has entered the bloodstream.Due to the increa
se in pressure can be photophobia, as the patient becomes unpleasant to look at lights.If the person getting the flu, continues to move and work in the former regime, often appears dyspnea.It is also about the flu usually shows muscle weakness, nausea, dry cough and sore eyes caused by vasodilatation.
However, some of these symptoms may not occur in patients with influenza.It all depends on the individual and the extent of the disease.Thus, in the mild form may not be out of breath or photophobia, and with a heavy - body temperature almost invariably rises to 40 ° C, there may be vomiting and even hallucinations.In addition, the initial symptoms of the disease are often similar to other SARS, so to ascertain the presence of influenza virus in the body can only be a specialist after laboratory studies.
Since influenza rather quickly enters the bloodstream and spreads throughout the body, it is important as soon as possible to begin treatment.This will reduce the likelihood of spillover of the disease in a severe form and the appearance of serious complications.First of all, it is important that the patient rest and bed rest, since all the energy the body needs to be aimed at countering the virus, rather than the provision of activity of the body.
desirable to immediately call a doctor, as self the flu can lead to a rather sad consequences.The therapist will be able to much more accurately identify the presence of the virus in the body, the extent of the disease and prescribe the necessary medication to treat.Among them can be combined Flu drug "AnviMaks" which has interferonogenic, antiviral, antihistaminic, antipyretic and analgesic effect.In its composition contains acetaminophen, a large amount of ascorbic acid and rimantadine hydrochloride, which impairs the ability of the group A virus to enter cells.In the presence of the virus in the group of the substance has toxic effect.This preparation also prevents vascular fragility, because it contains calcium gluconate Rutoside and induces the production of alpha and gamma interferon and prevents the development of edema due to the presence of loratadine.
Apart from taking medicines prescribed by a doctor, the flu is important to drink plenty of warm.Especially useful drinks from the raspberry, which has antipyretic effect, rose hips.You can also drink hot tea with lemon and honey.