vaginal tablets, suppositories are divided into 3 main groups: anti-inflammatory, and reducing agents ("Seabuckthorn", "Methyluracil"), antimicrobial agents ("Terzhinan", "Polizhinaks", "Pimafucin") and topical contraceptives (" Patenteks Oval "" Farmateks ").Anti candles appointed to mechanical damage of the vagina or cervix.Often these drugs are used in the complex treatment of cervical erosion after gynecological surgery.
If the inflammation is caused by viral, fungal, bacterial infections, antimicrobial prescribed suppositories.The most effective drugs, active ingredients which are Betadine, Hexicon, pimafutsin.Candles with betadine have excellent bactericidal effect, effectively destroying viruses, bacteria, fungi.Suppositories containing Hexicon, used n
ot only to treat infections, sexually transmitted diseases, but also to prevent them.Candles with pimafutsin prescribed for fungal infections.
Medical candles are usually used 1 or 2 a day.The course of therapy may take up to 2 weeks.Before the introduction of the suppository perform hygiene procedures.Remove the shell, and then enter a candle in the vagina as deeply as possible.It is more convenient to do it in a prone position.After administration of the agent soak for 20-30 minutes.Suppositories best place for the night.
The composition of vaginal contraceptives has two main active ingredients: benzalkonium chloride and nonoxynol.Popular products in this series is "Pantenteks Oval", tablets to be administered into the vagina for 10 minutes.before sexual intercourse.As vaginal contraceptive often use "Farmateks" "Benateks".They are also used for 10 minutes before sexual intercourse.Formulations exhibits protective action against STDs, fungi, virus."Benateks" is contraindicated when used coleitis, irritation of the vaginal mucosa.
¬ęGinekoteks" besides contraceptive effect, has a wide antibacterial action.The tablets of the drug was administered 5 minutes before intercourse.The tool can not be used in cases of inflammation of the vagina.Effective is "Tratseptin", but it is not suitable for coleitis, cervical erosion.Pick vaginal contraceptive preparations using gynecologist.Some of them have a negative effect on the female body, especially in inflammatory processes in the urogenital system.