first lipoic acid isolated from beef liver for more than 50 years ago.Soon she learned to synthesize.A positive effect of lipoic acid on the liver, scientists began to speak after a series of experiments in 1955

How to recognize liver problems

The fact that liver is something wrong may prompt a variety of symptoms.In most cases, such symptoms can be monitored by appearance of man.It can be:

- dark spots on the skin;
- green patches on the tongue;
- red whites of the eyes;
- edema of the eyelids;
- bad breath and body odor;
- inexplicable itching;
- abundance of small rosacea;
- dark circles around the eyes.

Most of these signs are evidence of chronic intoxication, resulting in a variety of liver diseases.

Action lipoic acid

Liver cells can not perform it
s function as before due to metabolic disorders, intake of large amounts of toxins (including alcohol), an excess of drugs taken, and more.When the liver cell can not completely withdraw excess of dietary fat, it is oversaturated with them and gradually the patient develops hepatic steatosis.

gepatoze When cells do not perform their functions, if not received proper treatment, they degenerate into connective tissue cells.This phenomenon is known as liver cirrhosis.

In chronic liver diseases important point is to facilitate its work on lipid metabolism and detoxification of the human body.Lipoic acid regulates fat (lipid) metabolism in the body and outputs an excessive amount of fats or toxins. to prevent chronic diseases of the liver ultrasound is recommended at least 1 time per year.

Russian doctors of the National Medical and Surgical Center Health Ministry in 2005 was carried out a scientific study whose purpose was to study the efficacy of lipoic acid in the treatment of liver diseases.For months, patients with non-alcoholic hepatosis took the drug three times a day. To eliminate the side effects and does not harm your body, take medicines only after consulting a specialist.

After the treatment period, a series of tests that confirmed a significant improvement in the condition of patients, reducing the size of the liver and increase its echogenicity on ultrasound.