eye drops for the treatment of conjunctivitis is prescribed depending on the cause of the disease.There are antiviral ophthalmic preparations, they are used with conjunctivitis caused by a virus.These include: "florenal", "Albucidum", "Tebrofen", "Gludantan", "Floksal."In acute inflammation medicine used 1 drop 6-8 p.a day, after improving its instilled 3-4 times per day.When herpetic conjunctivitis apply eye drops containing interferon "Oftalmoferon", "interferon".The drug instilled 1-2 drops.If the disease is in the acute stage, the frequency of use can be up to 8 a day.In less severe symptoms need to dig eye 3 a day.Duration of treatment was on average
7 days.
For the treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis appoint drops "Tobreks", "sulfacetamide," "Chloramphenicol", "Normaks", "Tsipromed", "Floksal", "Tsiprolet."Preparation 1-2 drops instilled in the conjunctival sac every 1-4 hr., And after the improvement - 1 drop every 4-6 hours. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of infection, and usually does not exceed 14 days.Some of these drugs can be used in the treatment and bacterial and viral conjunctivitis - a "Tsiprolet" having antibacterial activity, and antibiotics "sulfacetamide", "Tobreks" "Floksal" and "Tsipromed".If allergic conjunctivitis using these medications, "Allergodil", "Opatanol", "Lekrolin" "Claritin", "kromogeksal."Some eye drops are contraindicated for use during pregnancy and lactation (e.g., "Floksal" "Tsiprolet" "Chloramphenicol").
to treat conjunctivitis in children most commonly prescribed "Albucidum" or "Tobreks" that does not cause irritation.Preparations are buried 1-2 drops 4 times a day.In acute disease the number of installations to increase and decrease with the improvement.The duration of treatment will depend on the degree of inflammation.Drops "Tobreks" is not recommended for a long time, as there is a risk of secondary inflammation of the eye.For the treatment of allergic conjunctivitis in children prescribed "Cortisone" - hormonal agent with fast action.Also, use "Spersaller" "Allergodil" reducing reaction to allergens.In the chronic form of allergic conjunctivitis appoint "kromogeksal", "alomid" giving proof positive.