¬ęPantenol" is prescribed for skin damage caused by various factors.In particular, the agent used to treat wounds, scratches, abrasions, decubitus and burns, including solar.The drug is used for the healing of surgical wounds and skin grafts.

Babies "Panthenol" shown at diaper dermatitis, as well as for the prevention of diaper rash.Nursing women agent indicated for the treatment of inflammation and cracked nipples.In addition, "Panthenol" is used for the treatment of various inflammations of the skin, including boils, dermatitis, and to remove the effects of negative factors on the skin, chemical or temperature (frostbite, chapping, chemical destruction).

Instructions for use

¬ęPantenol" comes in the form of a spray, ointm
ents and creams and is used topically.The drug can be used by persons of different age groups.Treatment "panthenol" should be carried out until complete healing of damaged surfaces.

spray "Panthenol" applied several times a day.Before using the container should be well shaken.In applying the "Panthenol" bottle to keep upright Spray the affected surface from a distance of 10-20 cm. The foam is formed as a result of applying the product, you need to leave to pityvaniya without smearing or rubbing it.

ointment and cream "Panthenol" should be used 2-4 times a day.The tool must be applied with a thin layer, gently rubbing it into the skin.In the case of preparation on infected areas, before application of a cream or ointment "Panthenol" porazhdennuyu surface to be treated with an antiseptic solution.

When using "Panthenol" for the treatment of diaper dermatitis in children, a means must be applied to dry skin after bathing or during a diaper change.If cracked nipples in nursing women drug should be used several times a day.Apply the product to be after each feeding.Before the subsequent lactation drug residues must be removed with a napkin and rinse with water.


usual treatment "panthenol" passes without side effects.In very rare cases, it may be an allergic reaction to the components of the drug."Panthenol" should not be used in the treatment of exuding wounds.In the application of funds in the genital area should be aware that it reduces the strength of the latex.