Alcohol interaction with drugs may potentiate inhibit the action or to distort it beyond recognition.In some cases, it is impossible to predict what impact the action of alcohol on the drug, not least the features of the body, the type of drink and drugs category.
Antidepressants group of monoamine oxidase inhibitors are designed to destroy the body of norepinephrine, epinephrine, serotonin, histamine, melatonin, dopamine.In the interaction with alcohol are locked monoamine oxidase and these components continue to circulate in the blood.Antidepressants and alcohol make your heart beat like crazy spazmiruyutsya small vessels, the blood pressure rises.
It is wrong that beer is harmless when taking medication.
Some of its varieties contain tyramine capable duet with antidepressants drive pressure exorbitant heights.Ethanol increases the sensitivity of the heart to the action of epinephrine.
Ethanol activates liver enzymes cytochrome group responsible for detoxification.This feature should be taken into account when taking oral contraceptives, it is likely that the tablet will be so fast "understand" the body that it can be considered missing.Of course, such action will not have a glass of wine, but large doses may result in conception.
hepatotoxic effects have alcoholic beverages and drugs containing acetaminophen.Others categories NSAIDs increase the risk of stomach ulcers.
result of medical coding can be achieved by taking only one tablet from the category of cephalosporin, griseofulvin, sulfonamides ("Biseptolum") and nitrofurans ("furazolidone") and glasses of alcohol.
deserves special attention caffeine, which is a powerful stimulant.Caffeine increases the penetration of alcohol in the brain.Despite the lack of pronounced negative effects, bonus to the use of alcohol and drugs with caffeine is a double dose of intoxication.
No manual does not contain a recommendation to use the drug in conjunction with alcohol.Relatively secure connections are negligible and do not deserve to be put on the body's own pharmacological experiment.