active substance "Analgin» ─ metamizole sodium, it is often found as part of other analgesics, so you need to study the composition, to avoid an overdose."Analgin" available in tablets of 0,5 g, take it after a meal, not chewing and drinking plenty of water.Reception "Analgin" fasting is forbidden.When the pain and in the treatment of rheumatism drink 1 tab.3 times a day.The analgesic effect after 20-40 min., The maximum analgesic effect is observed after 2 hours after administration.When severe pain may be receiving 2 tab., And the maximum daily dose of no more than 3 g (6 tab.).If the treatment of pain, "Analgin" is not effective for 5 days and high temperatures - for 3 days, you should consult your d
Babies up to six months, "Analgin" did not prescribe for children older than six months give a "Analgin" at the rate of 5-10 mg / 1 kg of body weight, this daily dose, which should be divided into 2-3 receptions.That is, if the child weighs 10 kg, he should be given no more than a third of the tablet at a time.Pill crushed between the spoons or other means and allowed to form a suspension, dissolving in water or sweet drinks.
take "Analgin" during pregnancy should be with caution.In the first 3 months of pregnancy and in the last 6 weeks of "Analgin" is prohibited.During lactation single dose "Analgin" acceptable, long-term therapy should be discussed with your doctor.Mom should feed the baby, decant enough milk for the next feeding and take a pill.After 3-5 hours, express milk and pour it in subsequent batches of milk drug concentration is low and safe for the child.
«Analgin" is effective for headaches, migraines, dental and joint pain, muscle pain, pain syndrome with SARS, ARI.Good enough "Analgin" to cope with post-operative pain, pain in women during menstruation and pain.Analgin is prescribed in combination with other medications to eliminate the pain associated with renal and hepatic colic.In acute abdominal pain "Analgin", as well as other analgesics, taking prohibited.In these cases you need to call a doctor.
Do not take "Analgin" people with blood diseases and blood, already diagnosed with aspirin asthma.Patients with asthma, bronchitis and bronchospasm, too, can not drink, "Analgin".Store "Analgin" out of the reach of children, protected from the sun and heat.The optimum temperature for hraneniya─ 20 ° C, but not above 25 ° C.Shelf life ─ 5 years from date of manufacture.In case of overdose, "Analgin" may decrease blood pressure, dyspnoea, reduced body temperature, in severe cases vomiting, seizures and impaired consciousness.It is urgent to call a doctor and start gastric lavage.At therapeutic doses, "Analgin" safe.