With each passing day the number of people suffering from lack of sleep, stress and tension is growing.Not all these problems can be managed independently, in some cases, help can only sedatives.And choose should be based on the causes of ailments.

Types of sedatives

There is a wide variety of sedatives, ranging from the most simple, based on the action of herbal medicines, tranquilizers and finishing strong, able to eliminate the feelings of fear and anxiety, reduce attention and fight insomnia.If you want to appease the raging toddler or slightly appease the pregnant woman, it is possible to select an effective sedative herb, for example, "Valerian", "The root of motherwort" and the like.These funds are safe, are not addictive and can be used when minor emotional disorders.

has long and wide as a sedative in medical practice
used drugs bromine.However, they are not without side effects associated with adynamia, apathy and lethargy, are particularly strongly manifested after long use of such drugs.Especially carefully these drugs should be used for men as well as bromine can reduce potency.Crowned this list tranquilizers or anxiolytics that have the most powerful sedative effect and inhibit the nervous system.

Features of

choose the most effective sedative may only doctor on the basis of complaints of the patient and any necessary research.But if you seek help from a specialist is not possible, you can try to make a purchase on their own, keeping in mind that these drugs have sedative, anxiolytic, anticonvulsant, muscle relaxant and hypnotic effect.These include "Adaptol", "mebicar", "Phenazepam", "Gadazepam" and others that address anxiety and fear, relieves irritation, and muscle tone, as well as reducing the speed of thought and attention.

fourth group of sedatives - antidepressants.They do not have a sedative effect, but are able to solve most of the problems in the central nervous system - namely, to improve the transmission of nerve impulses in the central nervous system by activating the function of the cortex and subcortical structures.Therefore, the effective sedatives is to choose those who want to improve their mood, to get rid of anxiety, fear, and suicidal thoughts.These include "mianserin," "Tianeptine", "Moclobemide" and others.However, in any case, before you start taking the drug is better to consult a doctor.