«Tamoxifen" prescribed to patientsThey discovered that breast cancer in menopausal women and men after castration, and also showed renal cancer, ovarian, prostate, and melanoma.The drug is included in the list of vital and essential drugs.Side effects cause flushing, swelling and soreness of hypercalcemia.At this stage of the research carried out over the phone to receive "Tamoxifen" women who are at risk of developing breast cancer.The required dosage is determined individually and depends on the patient's condition, and his complaints scheme used anticancer treatment.
analogue of "Tamoxifen" a drug "Bilem."Appointed in malignant formations in the breast and uterus, as well as female infertility, as the anti-estrogen agent.Prior to initiating therapy, women sh
ould undergo a thorough examination by a gynecologist and a therapist."Bilem" triggers ovulation and increase the risk of pregnancy.Therefore, patients of reproductive age should use reliable methods of hormonal contraception.Also in the period of treatment is necessary to monitor liver function and blood clotting, the overall picture of the blood.
«Zitazonium" used in tumor formations in the endometrium, breast, kidney and melanoma of the skin.Besides the active ingredient tamoxifen, it is composed of povidone, magnesium stearate, potato starch, glycollate and lactose.The dosage appoint a doctor.The standard dose - 20 mg once or twice a day.The drug is taken orally, without chewing and drinking water.During the reception, "Zitazoniuma" should be regularly checked by a gynecologist.When thrombosis in the legs, shortness of breath and severe bleeding should stop taking the drug.
following analogy "Tamoxifen" is "Novofen."Its apart endometrial cancer and breast cancer, even when administered oligospermia, soft tissue sarcoma, and pituitary tumors.Contraindicated during pregnancy and thrombophlebitis."Novofen" often causes side effects are anorexia, vomiting, nausea, skin rashes, thrombosis, high temperature.The drug has been successfully used in combination with progestin.In the period of treatment is necessary to control the level of calcium, the number of platelets and white blood cells.Substitutes "Tamoxifen" are also drugs "Tamoksen ',' Nolvadex 'and' Vero Tamoxifen."