treatment of any disease of the reproductive sphere of women can not do without the use of vaginal suppositories.Widespread use in gynecology received anti candles having many advantages and some disadvantages.

Candles dosage form

Candles - a special form of medicines, consisting of a solid foundation and the drug itself.A characteristic feature of suppositories - the ability to retain its shape at room temperature and melt at body temperature.There is a method of introducing a spark 2: egg-shaped and tapered candle is inserted into the vagina, and suppositories stick is introduced into the cervix or the ureter.Suppositories advantage is the rapid absorption of drug in the blood
- 30 minutes after administration.Medicine passes the digestive tract and is not subjected to degradation in the liver.Vaginal suppositories have generalized therapeutic effect and impact on the local lesion.

Before using vaginal suppositories should carefully wash their hands, not to bring further infections in the vagina and not to aggravate the situation.After the introduction of the spark necessary to lie down for a while - 30 minutes.Using suppositories does not cause allergic reactions and is simple and painless.

vaginal suppositories prescribed even virgins.At the same time they have a good therapeutic effect and do not break the hymen.Some patients can not take medications by mouth because of the presence of comorbidities and symptoms such as nausea or vomiting.In such cases, the spark becomes an alternative for the treatment of gynecological diseases.

Anti gynecological candles

Anti gynecological candles used most often.They have a direct therapeutic effect on the focus of inflammation and fight infection by destroying pathogenic and pathogenic microflora.

Candles with clotrimazole used to treat thrush, caused by a microscopic fungus."Clotrimazole" - a drug that inhibits the synthesis of cell membranes of fungi.It increases the acidity of the vagina, which also results in the death of fungi and get rid of thrush.Treatment with antifungal candles requires discontinuation of sexual activity for a given period, reducing time spent in the bathroom, exception of sweets from the diet.Compliance with all of the recommendations and the introduction of regular candles can eliminate thrush in 2 days.

To spark anti-infection-fighting, is an antiseptic "Betadine".Candles "Metronidazole" and "Dalatsin" eliminate the trichomonas, chlamydia, and other intracellular parasites.Suppositories with sea buckthorn and eucalyptus oil is not less effective.They have bactericidal activity against staphylococci and streptococci and allow in some cases to avoid the use of antibiotics.