Magnesium sulfate previously administered intramuscularly, it was very painful for women there is a long not passing hematoma.Intravenous drip devoid of such shortcomings, but because the treatment does not cause discomfort to pregnant women.If a woman gets to the hospital to save in the second trimester, it is almost always curative scheme includes magnesium sulfate.Usually, treatment is carried out one course, to prevent the accumulation of magnesium in the body of the child.Enter solution through a conventional IV infusion pump, or if the woman carries heavy medication, the magnesium sulfate is administered in combination with saline.

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magnesium sulfate, magnesium relaxes the muscles well, which is necessary for uterine tone.He also supports the w
ork of the heart and prevent the emergence of arrhythmias.Property withdraw excess fluid from the body is also very important for pregnant women, because even if they can not be expressed edema classic diuretics used - infusions of magnesium sulfate can eliminate swelling.

Due to the ability to relax the muscles of magnesium sulfate is often used as a means to lower blood pressure.Often, women are hospitalized with combined preeclampsia, she has swelling, elevated blood pressure.Infusions of magnesium sulfate can quickly and without harm to solve this problem.The effect of the treatment of long, almost always one course is enough for a woman denunciation pregnancy without any complications and gave birth in time.At the risk of seizures, threat of premature birth the first thing doctors do prescribe intravenous magnesium sulfate.This simple preparation retained a lot of children's lives.

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Since the drug is administered intravenously directly into the blood, the woman may experience discomfort.Wheezing, shortness of breath, feeling of fever, a sharp decrease in pressure or burning desire to empty the bladder.It should be said to the nurse, it will reduce the feed rate of medication prescribed by a doctor or replace the 25% solution to a solution of lower concentration.These side effects are very rare and tested immediately, it was stopped or reduced supply of the drug.

Before the introduction is recommended to visit the toilet, go to the most convenient and secure entertainment for the next 30-40 minutes.Within 20 minutes after administration of magnesium sulfate is not recommended to get out of bed and make sudden movements.When this period should rise slowly, so as not to provoke dizziness.