The use of antibiotics in the treatment of bronchitis is done in rare cases and only under medical supervision.This is due to the fact that most cases is caused by environmental factors, or viruses.Antibiotics are ineffective in treating viral infections and can cause a deterioration of existing symptoms.The purpose of such means is possible when the risk of complications such as pneumonia.


«Amoxicillin 'is an antibiotic that is used for the treatment of micro-organisms sensitive to it.This antibacterial agent is most often used for treatment of infectious forms of acute bronchitis.The drug inhibits the growth of bacteria and can also be used for pneu
monia and other respiratory tract infections.Among the contraindications of the drug observed bronchial asthma, liver and kidney failure, mononucleosis, hay fever, and gastrointestinal disease.The drug is available in tablet form for oral administration ("Amosin" "Augmentin" "Ekobol") and in powder form for the preparation of solutions and suspensions ("Amoksisara" "Amosin" "Ospamoks").


drug is a semi-synthetic antibiotic that is indicated for the treatment of certain types of bacteria - Salmonella, Shigella, Klebsiella and sticks Pfeiffer.Also widely used means for the destruction of Gram-positive microorganisms, which are also often cause pneumonia.Among the contraindications of the drug observed lymphocytic leukemia, as well as disorders of the liver.


antibacterial agent and is a semisynthetic antibiotic, has shown its effectiveness in the treatment of bacterial bronchitis.With the help of funds can be carried out treatment of pneumonia, atypical pneumonia, sinusitis, ear infections, etc.It is also distributed under the names "Klatsid", "Klarikar", "Klarbakt", "Kriksan", "Aziklar."Funds are contraindicated during pregnancy in 1 trimester, porphyria, lactation and treatment "cisapride", "pimozide" and "terfenadine."

Other antibiotics

effective means for the treatment of bronchitis are broad-spectrum antibiotics such as "Doxycycline", "Cefdinir" and "levofloxacin".In the treatment of antibacterial agents should be aware that there is always a risk of side effects, which can significantly worsen the condition.If antibiotics have been prescribed by a physician, you should take them as directed, not exceeding and not underestimating the dosage.Also, do not stop taking the designated funds, even with significant improvement.In severe cases, the disease can assign additional antibacterial drugs.