vitamins - biologically active substances that are required by the body for metabolism, hormone production, cell growth, etc.With their failure appears lethargy, drowsiness, apathy - these are signs of vitamin deficiencies.To overcome such a state will help vitamin complex - specially selected active substances of different groups in a dose of daily consumption.Synthetic vitamins do not replace all their consumption and help to restore the balance.
Species lot of vitamins, but multivitamins producers grouped the most important for the body.For vital active substances include vitamin C, which strengthens blood vessels, restores the cells is indispensable in metabolism and is important for the stable immunity.In winter,
especially body needs vitamin K, which normalizes the process of blood clotting, this vitamin protects the liver and is a natural antioxidant.
also important vitamins include active substances from the group B, for example - B1 is essential for normal functioning of the nervous system, and it helps to copy the genetic information, riboflavin (B2) is indispensable in the synthesis of neural tissue cells and red blood cell production,it also protects the retina from ultraviolet radiation.Niacin (B3) is involved in the formation of some hormones and cell regeneration when necessary.Vitamin B6 has a major effect on the body, it needs the nervous, immune and cardiovascular system, as it has a positive effect on the skin and nails.Another important representative of vitamins Group B - cyanocobalamin (B12), it forms a protective sheath of nerve cells, activates the metabolism, lowers cholesterol and protects liver cells.
This set can be found in multivitamins "Complivit", "Centrum", "Multi-tabs", etc.These added multivitamins and important minerals - magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, copper, manganese, and others who are involved in metabolic processes of regeneration, the production of enzymes and hormones.Typically, vitamins drink monthly rate of 1 tablet per day.
If during the cold season, your skin becomes dry, irritable and microcracks appear - these may be signs of hypovitaminosis A and E. In this case, it is recommended to take "Aevitum", which includes only two vitamin -A and E. These biologically active substances contribute to the regeneration of epidermal cells, give elasticity to the skin, as well as a beneficial effect on the organs of vision and care about women's sexual health.
In cases of the first symptoms of a cold, you need to take maximum doses of ascorbic acid (adults up to 100 mg per day).It increases the body's resistance, prevents the spread of infection and is important for immunity.