Indications for candles with

Nystatin vaginal suppositories "Nystatin" used for candidiasis (thrush) of the external genitalia in women.The drug has no effect on the normal microflora.It destroys the cell membranes of fungi penetrates the cell, causing the suppression of their life and death."Nystatin" can be used for a long time, since the stability of fungi to it does not develop.

vaginal suppositories with Nystatin is also used in antimicrobial therapy of inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs.In this case, the treatment using antibiotics, which disrupt nomalnoe vaginal microflora.As a result, there is a rapid proliferation of opportunistic pathogens, including fungi Candida.To avoid this, use nystatin candles.The drug should be prescribe
d by a doctor after a pre-planting to determine the identification of the pathogen and its susceptibility to antifungal agents.

drug is contraindicated in pancreatitis, liver disease, peptic ulcer stomach, hypersensitivity, pregnancy, lactation."Nystatin" exhibit side effects are rare.These include: fever, nausea, vomiting, fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, bitter taste in the mouth.

How to use candles with Nystatin

Before using the drug perform hygiene procedures genitals.Then enter a candle with nystatin (250,000 or 500,000 IU) deep into the vagina.Repeat morning and evening.The course of treatment should last at least 2 weeks.After that needs planting discharge from the vagina to monitor the effectiveness of treatment.To prevent the recurrence of yeast infection during treatment with vaginal suppositories two times a day, apply on the skin of the perineum and inner thighs nystatin ointment.At the same time should be treated, and sexual partner.The men used an ointment containing Nystatin.During treatment requires sexual rest.

rectal suppositories "Nystatin" appointed to defeat fungi Candida lower intestine.The most common cause is a progression of candidiasis of the genitals.Rectal suppositories are used for 1 piece.(250000 or 500000 IU) 2 times per day.Enter the suppository into the rectum morning and evening for 2 weeks.In order to maximize the therapeutic effect of the use of candles can be combined with tablets "Nystatin".