What are

Today in every pharmacy you can on a separate shelf and see a huge range of drugs for weight loss.But remember that directly treat patients with drugs and dietary supplements in the form of teas, chewing gum and patches, as a rule, do not help.

Until recently, very often used by the group of amphetamine.They gave an excellent result, the weight went quickly and easily, but the side effects were awful.As a rule, developed pulmonary hypertension, heart valves were affected.In addition, there is a psychological addiction to these drugs.There are even cases fatal.That is why this group of drugs were soon banned.

Popular representatives

One of the most popular at the moment are considered a variety of teas for weight loss.Their miraculous power lies in the fact that they contain a diuretic and laxative herbs that usually do not lead
to weight loss and dehydration to complete.

no less famous "Reduxine."It is the most popular drug in the domestic pharmaceutical market.As a rule, after the application of the tool man feels a sense of hunger, less food consumed, respectively.However, in addition to rapid weight loss, a feeling of discomfort, which manifests itself in a constant dizziness, lethargy and weakness of the body.

approximately the same properties and side effects have "Xenical", "Orsoten" and "Goldline".

also significantly increased the use of "Clenbuterol".In his testimony, it is used as a remedy for asthma.But according to research, it has been proved that the drug contributes to the disintegration of adipose tissue.This tool is very much in demand, and really helps to reduce body weight.

inter alia, in virtually every pharmacy can be found, "the Lead."It contains guarana, sweet potato, pumpkin and Jerusalem artichoke powder.But despite its seemingly natural composition, it means a huge number of side effects.First of all, it is a headache, insomnia, nervous excitement.

Unfortunately, experience shows that tablets, which would bring 100% result simply does not exist.