«Vitaon" and more concentrated version of its "Vitaon Extra" is used primarily as an antiseptic skin trauma.It wounds, fractures, perleches, solar, thermal and chemical burns, bedsores, frostbite."Vitaon" slightly analgesic, reduces inflammation, itching, softens the damaged tissues and accelerates their healing.The drug is also used for dermatitis, mycosis.
First clean and disinfect the affected area, such as "chlorhexidine" and then lubricate the balm several times a day.Or soak drug sterile cloth, apply to the affected area and bandage.Change the bandage every day normally, but if the wound is weeping, then as wet wipes.
At a cold, acute rhinitis lubricate the balm several times a day both the mucous membranes of the nasal passages."Vitaon" fairly quickly relieve stuffy nose, making it easier to breath.To prevent influenza, SARS drug use before going out on the street and at night.
in periodontitis, aftah can use "Vitaon" oral.Massage the gums after each brushing teeth with cotton wool soaked in balm.Do the procedure, a half-hour not to eat or drink.Treatment "Vitaon 'long enough, but the bleeding takes place, significantly strengthens the gums.
summer "Vitaon" is always advisable to keep on hand in case of insect bites.He immediately relieves pain, itching, sores resolve, and soon on the site of the bite is almost no trace.
«Vitaon baby" is used for the skin care of the child from the very moment of his birth.Additionally, it does not require any massage oil.Balsam is well protects the delicate skin of baby from diaper rash.Lubricate them after swimming all skin folds legs, hands, neck of the child.Diaper rash appears "Vitaon" eliminates quickly, usually the next morning, and after a day or two skin becomes again completely clean.
for dry and normal hair shampoo is "Vitaon."It not only returns the head cleanliness, neatness, and treats the hair, nourishing them with an arsenal of medicinal herbs.As a result, long-term use to strengthen their structure, they cease to be brittle.
for dry, normal and combination skin cream useful "Vitaon."The combination of its natural ingredients provides gentle, gentle effects even at very thin, sensitive skin.Cream tones it accelerates the process of renewal of the epidermis and postpones the appearance of wrinkles.
Shower Gel "Vitaon" - it is also a good choice, especially if the skin is the body has high sensitivity.It becomes protected from infections, dryness and saturated freshness, aroma of essential oils.