Composition contraceptive pills

Most of the birth control pills are a combination that is contained in the composition of two hormones - estrogen and progestogen.Combination drugs inhibit ovulation and thicken cervical mucus than impede the penetration of sperm into the uterus.They are the most reliable contraception and reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy to almost zero.

There are birth control pills that contain only one hormone -gestagen.Their reliability is somewhat lower, about 90%.

Selection tablet composition

Depending on the dosage of hormone pills may be divided into several categories:

- Mini-pill - a product containing only a part of the progest
ogen.They can be used in cases where a woman has idiosyncrasy estrogen or lactation.Be aware that the mini-pill should be taken once a day, strictly same time.If for some reason, formed a long gap between meals, in the next 48 hours, you should use additional methods of contraception.

- Mikrodozirovannye drugs.Contain a minimum amount of estrogen (20 ug), and therefore the likelihood of side effects is small.Mainly recommended for nulliparous young women.They can also be used for women after 35 years, t. E. In an age when the reproductive activity has decreased.

- Low-dose and srednedozirovannye drugs.The amount of estrogen in them is slightly higher (30-35 mg), low-dose pills than, so they are more suitable laboring women aged 25 to 35 years.

- high-dosage preparations.Contain large amounts of estrogen (40-50 g) and are used primarily for the treatment of hormonal disorders.Accepted only on prescription.

Selection tablets phenotype

women are the following phenotypes:

- The estrogen type - the body is dominated by estrogen.It is characterized by a small waist, large breasts, long menstrual cycles with heavy discharge, tendency to gain weight.You should select preparations containing large amounts of progestin.

- balanced type - there is a balance of estrogen and progestogen.All hormonal manifestations characterized averages.Such women will approach low-dose preparations.

- progestogens type - the body is dominated by progestins.It is characterized by a masculine appearance, small breasts, short-lived and scanty menses.Srednedozirovannym should give preference to drugs.

A couple tips for last

If, after you start taking birth control pills were uncomfortable sensations (small nausea, breast tenderness, decreased sex drive, weak intermenstrual bleeding), you should not immediately infer that the drug is not suitable.The body needs time to get used to it - usually about three months.

Contraceptive pills are very reliable when taken in a timely manner, if possible at one and the same time.If there are gaps in the reception, it is necessary to use additional means of contraception.