«Ceftriaxone" prescribed for infectious lesions of the digestive tract, pelvic organs, urinary tract, kidneys and reproductive organs.The drug is used to treat sepsis, meningitis, Lyme borreliosis, respiratory tract infections, upper respiratory tract.Furthermore means applies infection with lesions of the joints, bones, skin, and fabrics, but also to prevent infection before and after operations.

Instructions for use

drug "ceftriaxone" is available as a solution for injection, which is carried out by intramuscular injection or intravenously.For w / o applying medication is diluted with water for injection: 0.5 g - 2 mL, 1 g - 3.5 ml of water.Thus, if necessary allowed to use a less concentrated solution.Also, in some cases, the / m introduction to anesthesia can be used 1% lidocaine.Injections made
in the buttock, with one arm should be given no more than 1 g of funds.

on / in the application of 1 g of "Ceftriaxone" diluted in 10 ml of water for injection.The resulting solution "Ceftriaxone" should be introduced slowly - 2-4 minutes.When administering a drug in / drip, 2 g of the drug is diluted in 40 ml of infusion solution containing no calcium (water for injection, saline solution, dextrose or levulose).The drug should be administered within 30 minutes.

Dosage Adults and children 12 years and children weighing more than 50 kg nazachayut 1-2 grams of the drug "ceftriaxone" 1 times a day.In case of severe disease dosage can be increased to 4 g per day while the medicine should be administered for two times at an interval of 12 hours.After normalization of the drug should be used within 2-3 days.

for newborn and premature babies under the age of 2 weeks, the dose "Ceftriaxone" is 20-50 mg / kg body weight.The maximum dose is 50 mg / kg per day.However, when bacterial meningitis dosage may be increased to 100 mg / kg body weight (up to 4 g) with subsequent decrease in the occurrence of improvement.Babies from 2 weeks to 12 years: 20-80 mg / kg body weight.The drug is used 1 time per day.

duration of therapy "Ceftriaxone" depends on the disease.When meningitis treatment lasts 4-7 days, depending on the pathogen.If Lyme borreliosis drug is administered within 2 weeks, 1 times a day in an amount of 50 mg / kg, but not more than 2 grams per day.In gonorrhea do 1 / m injections - 250 mg.


drug is not indicated in the first trimester of pregnancy, then - only by the doctor.In the treatment of lactation-feeding should be suspended.Contraindication to treatment "Ceftriaxone" is the intolerance of components means.With careful preparation is used in colitis and enteritis, kidney and liver failure, with hyperbilirubinemia in children.