Ascorbic acid is an essential component of the health of the pregnant woman.Vitamin C - an indispensable tool during epidemics of viral diseases, it strengthens the immune system and increases the body's resistance to pathogens.Also vitamin C improves the cardiovascular system, joints, skin, hair and teeth.Ascorbic acid deficiency leads not only to a decrease in the body's defenses, but also to depression, lethargy, poor performance.

benefits of ascorbic acid for pregnant women

During pregnancy, vitamin C carries another important function - it stimulates the production of elastin and collagen.It is these substances improve the elasticity of tissues, and thus, help the expectant mother to avoid stretch marks and tears during childbirth.

Vitamin C is needed and future kid that deficiency of ascorbic acid begins to lag behind in development.In reasonable quantities of vitamin C strengthens blood vessels of the placenta and enhances the power of the future baby, reduces the risk of placental abnormalities and bleeding during childbirth.A pregnant woman he protects against fatigue and depressed mood, eases morning sickness.


not always expectant mother manages to remedy the lack of vitamins from food, and in this case it is necessary to take vitamin tablets.It is believed that ascorbic acid in tablets is contraindicated in pregnant women.In fact, the lack of vitamin C is much more detrimental effect on the development of the child and women's health, so it is always a part of multivitamins for pregnant women.Contraindicated ascorbic acid only in the case of excessive dosage.

daily rate of ascorbic acid for pregnant women should not exceed 2 g doctors recommend taking 60-70 mg of vitamin C in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.Too high dosage is a threat to the normal development of the fetus.In addition, an excess of ascorbic acid poses a serious burden on the kidneys and can lead to the destruction of the renal parenchyma expectant mother.

small amount of ascorbic acid can be obtained without artificially synthesized vitamins - vitamin C rich citrus fruits, rosehips, cabbage, black currant.During the summer, doctors do not recommend taking ascorbic acid tablets, as the need for vitamins easily satisfied with the help of summer fruits and vegetables.