the early stages of child autism seems very calm, listless, indifferent to the environment.He did not distinguish the mother from other people without asking for arms: emotional Sinton with the mother is weak or non-existent.The child rarely smiles, and a smile usually not addressed to anybody and faces the space.The same can be said of his view, while the baby is not enough reacts to the human voice and the sound of his own name, which often causes parents suspected hearing loss.

Autistic children apparently indifferent to the speech of adults, and their behavior is poorly correction verbally.Against the background of reduced muscle tone and mental such children are often stereotypes
(aimless mechanical repetition of any action monosyllabic) and echolalia (automatic uncontrolled reproduction of hearsay).Disrupted general and fine motor skills, speech jerky, mechanical, devoid of intonation component and emotional content in the context of the social situation.Intelligence is often saved.Games are played autistic child, usually monotonous and is a series of repeated manipulation with any object.

At older ages, the child does not come to anyone in contact, his face may be in for a long time not to express any emotions.He did not respond to his name and addressed to him matters not interested in gaming, communication and labor activity.It is closed in itself and removed from the outside world, in his movements and actions there is total confusion.

Autism at a later stage of development of difficult to treat.Separated from the world of the child needed sessions with a psychologist and psychotherapist, a specialist can prescribe treatment.The kid needed to devote much time and attention to it somehow "shake up" interest and captivate.Good effect can have a creative therapy - for example, the child is asked to draw something and then talk about their figure.It may also help to "tales therapy", as an interesting way to engage a fascinating story of the child.Tell stories better "on the go" off the cuff, loudly and clearly pronouncing words with expressive intonations.

engaging actively in autistic perception and any activity, you should be careful.The abundance of strong impressions can lead to exhaustion of the nervous system of the child and even closed a coma, and from this state to bring the baby is much more difficult than from a simple retardation.