What determines the degree of intoxication

known that carbon dioxide contributes to the rapid absorption of alcohol into the blood, so the degree and rate of intoxication when consuming alkogolesoderzhaschih drinks with carbonic acid or with a carbonated beverage, will be faster and greater than in drinkingconventional mono-alcohol.Moreover, the consumption of diluted doses of alcohol mixed with water or juice will not reduce the impact of alcohol on the body, because the amount of ethanol it remained the same.

On the one hand, the degree of intoxication depends on the amount of alcohol consumed alcoholic beverage and the alcohol content, and on the other - on the characteristics of the human body, to which the mass of the body, as well as the emotional and mental state.

At the conclusion of
alcohol from the body actually affect only the time.The organism is freed from the received doses of alcohol by oxidation and its subsequent removal.Liver appears about 90% alcohol.A small amount of alcohol is output through the lungs and through the sweat glands, and kidneys.

In men alcohol eliminated from the body at a rate of 0.1 - 0.15 ppm per hour, and for women it is 0.085 - 0.09 ppm hourly.To find out how long you will sober up, you can take advantage of special tables, which shows the average rate of weathering alcohol.The calculation takes the amount of alcohol consumed beverage, beverage type and your gender.From this table one can see that 0.5 liters vodka is eroding 15 or even 18 hours, 0.5 leaves of 4 hours, 100 g of champagne resorbed over 1.5 hours, and the same amount of brandy for 5 hours.However, these figures relate only to the stronger sex, whose weight is 80 kg, respectively, if the weight of your body is less than this figure, the rate of weathering of alcohol from the body will be much higher.

How can I speed up the withdrawal of alcohol from the body

To speed up the process a little bit sobering, you need to eat as much fruit is high in vitamin C. These include oranges and grapefruits.Fructose is that they contain alcohol breaks down and helps the body to process it faster.In addition, you can take the absorbent (eg activated charcoal).Walking, having sex and any active movement also accelerate the alcohol from your body.