during childbearing encouraged to take drugs rarely, only in cases of urgent need.Of drugs have a pregnancy very different impact, depending on the substances that make up the drug.However, there are times when the medication is required, for example, for those who have chronic diseases.Pregnant women with diabetes can not refuse medication because this disease requires constant consumption of medicaments containing insulin.
In these cases should consult your doctor, who may recommend other medications during pregnancy.We must not forget that completely harmless drugs does not happen.Even drugs permitted during pregnancy, have side effects and contraindications.But if the medicati
on without can not do, it is necessary that the anticipated benefits of the drug still outweigh the potential risks.
In the early stages of pregnancy are particularly dangerous drugs.This is due to the fact that 6-8 weeks is formed childbearing systems and organs of the embryo, and the administration of many medications can cause defects in its development.
safest period for the medication during childbearing is the second trimester.At about 16 weeks of pregnancy the placenta is finally formed.She begins to have an important function as a protective barrier, thereby reducing the ability of some medicines adversely affect the fetus.
Taking medicine for headaches and colds during pregnancy adversely affects the kidneys and the heart of the baby.If you have a headache or you have a cold, of all anti-inflammatory drugs is better to take "Paracetamol".Do not use aspirin because taking this drug is not recommended for pregnant women.It is also desirable to take "Analgin", which is a very negative effect on the blood of man, especially children.
Prolonged use of drugs on the pressure during pregnancy can cause a newborn baby depression.For example, as a result of ingestion "Razerpin" reducing high blood pressure appears hypersomnia.However, side effects are usually held a few weeks after birth.
as cough medicine to a pregnant woman fit thermopsis and the infusion of mother and stepmother.From drugs during gestation baby can eat "Mukaltin" and "Bromhexine".Allergy medication during pregnancy is recommended "Diazolin."During use of this medication apparent adverse effects on the fetus was observed.The drug "Tavegil" in this regard is somewhat inferior, but in any case it is desirable to take these drugs on prescription.
cures for hemorrhoids during pregnancy is usually prescribed in the form of suppositories and ointments that reduce swelling and reduce pain.As a general rule, prescribe the following drugs: "Anuzol", "Procto-glivenol", "Anestezol."During acute illness using butanedioic ointment.
at any stage of pregnancy the expectant mother may be inflammation of the bladder - cystitis.This may be due to various factors, including the hormonal changes in the body, but mainly serve cause mechanical or hemodynamic factors.When the first symptoms of this disease should consult an obstetrician-gynecologist or a urologist, since only an expert can properly assign a cure for cystitis during pregnancy.