Types and causes coughing

There are wet (productive) and a dry cough.The main symptom of wet cough is excessive sputum production, which is produced by the trachea and bronchi.Together with phlegm from the body stand out microorganisms and their toxins.Dry cough is not accompanied by the release, it can be infectious and noninfectious character. To remove an attack of dry cough, you need to take medications that affect the "cough" center located in the medulla oblongata.

For right choice of treatment of dry cough is very important to determine its cause.When non-infectious nature, he develops as a result of various kinds of stimuli (dust, smoking, surgery, anxiety, allergies, side effect of some drugs).Dry cough can cause respiratory tract infections, asthma, chronic bronchitis, postnasal rhinorrhea (permanent allocation of watery mucus from the nose), gastrointestin
al reflux disease (reflux of stomach contents into the esophagus), foreign bodies, taking certain medications (eg, ACE inhibitors)left ventricular heart failure.

How to choose a drug for the treatment of dry cough

Selection of a medicament for removing irritating dry cough attack carried out on individual indications in view of possible comorbidities.High efficiency in relieving such attacks has a non-narcotic drug based butamirata citrate.The drug reduces the excitability of the "cough" center (has a central effect).It suppresses persistent cough, facilitates and improves breathing, well tolerated, has a variety of forms of release.The drug does not depress respiration, as selectively acts on the cough center. Preparations based butamirata citrate approved for use in infants from two months.

persisted cough to help performance-enhancing drugs peripherally acting.They reduce attacks by acting on receptors, and reducing their anxiety.These medicines include: "Alex Plus", "Bronhikum", "Falimint", "Pakseladin" and others.For the treatment of dry cough prescribe a combination of drugs that have a sedative, analgesic, antispasmodic action.In order to accelerate the transition of dry cough in the wet, you can buy drugs with mucoregulatory effect, for example, "Flyuditek" (France).The drug contributes to the formation of phlegm, it has antiviral, anti-inflammatory effect.Often it is recommended in treatment of whooping cough.