Unfortunately, in the arsenal of modern medicine there is no drug that can completely cure from Parkinson's disease.Used medication and surgical techniques aimed at maintaining remission and smoothing of the main symptoms of the disease.The search for effective drugs do not stop.The active substance for the repair of nerve cells, many researchers use coffee.The most convincing data received Canadian scientists in 2011-2012.

Employees of the Department of Neurology at McGill University in Montr
eal, under the direction of Dr. Ronald Posthuma Medicine conducted a study of the impact of caffeine on the plight of people suffering from Parkinson's disease.For the experiment with 60 volunteers and divided them into two groups.30 people a day for 6 weeks to take the pills with caffeine, the amount of which is approximately equal to three cups of organic coffee.Other participants got a placebo - an imitation drugs.None of the subjects did not know what he uses.

After testing of patients 'caffeine' groups, doctors discovered an improvement of motor functions, including fine motor skills and facial expressions.In addition, patients reported overall improvement, and expressed a desire to move actively.This phenomenon exists a scientific explanation.

Caffeine activates the activity of the various systems of the human body.He "invigorate" the nerve cells, accelerates the heart and increases the pressure.A cup of coffee helps the natural release of the neurotransmitter dopamine.The disadvantage of this material is one of the main causes of Parkinson's disease.

Most often block the production of dopamine receptors adenosine - a substance that stimulates sleep and reduces feeling of cheerfulness.Caffeine restores the disturbed equilibrium, helping the body to increase the level of dopamine to the optimum.Moreover, scientists have suggested a protective effect of coffee on nerve cells.Connecting with chemically active substances protivoparksonicheskih drugs, caffeine slows necrosis of dopamine receptors.

results obtained by the group Posthuma, conclusively prove a positive effect of coffee on the body of patients.In the future, scientists suggest how to use caffeine as a preventive measure, and to create a new generation of drugs.