One of the most recognizable and affordable medicines is "Valerian."This drug reduces the excitability of the central nervous system and helps to accelerate the onset of sleep.The efficacy of the treatment comes with long-term and systematic consumption.Also, "Valerian" is used in migraine, pulmonary disorders, gastrointestinal tract, and cardiovascular system.A similar effect has tincture "Motherwort".Sedative and hypnotic effects of the tool comes after three weeks of use."Motherwort" contains ethyl alcohol, so patients with alcohol dependence and diabetes should be taken with caution.
efficacy in sleep disorders and anxiety caused by nervous stress or chronic stress, is "Dormiplant."The active compon
ents of the drug - lemon balm and valerian.This has the same composition formulation "Perseus", which also has adjuvant - peppermint extract that enhances the sedative effect of the other two components.The drug improves backfilling with insomnia, relieves irritability.Unlike other sedatives, "Persia" does not cause daytime sleepiness.
«Corvalol" - another sleeping pill and sedative, which is released at a pharmacy without a prescription.It consists of menthol, phenobarbital and ethyl bromizovalerianovoy acid.It is used for insomnia, tachycardia, spasms of the intestine and in the early stages of hypertension.The drug is banned for use in some foreign countries.There are mainly distributed German analogue of the domestic drugs - "valokardin."Only the cost is ten times higher.It is also freely available in pharmacies.
«Novopassit" is widely used in sleep dysfunction, gipotimii, neurotic character disorders.It includes extract of 7 herbs and guaifenesin.The drug is not addictive and has a minimum set of side effects.
By strong sedative sold without a prescription, include "melaxen" and "Donormil."However, when buying the last of the drug in some pharmacies may still require a prescription."Donormil" is a histamine receptor blocker, it does not suppress the activity and does not affect the memory."Melaxen" is considered to be an analogue of the hormone melatonin pineal gland.This medication effectively regulates the cycle of sleep and wakefulness, has a calming effect.