«Espumizan": the indications, pharmacological properties

When bloating caused by excessive accumulation of gas in the intestines, to treat dyspepsia of newborn, when a aerofagii, the syndrome of Remhelda, in acute poisoning household chemicals, as well asto obtain contrast images of good quality diagnostic tests newborns prescriber "Espumizan-40."Active substance means - simethicone.Thanks to it formed in the intestine of the air bubbles break up the released gases are absorbed in the gut wall, and then absorbed by the body tissues or are derived from the intestine.

foam of small bubbles of gas covers the intestinal mucosa, prevents the absorption of nutrients and drugs.Remove it, "Espumizan" promotes the action of other drugs, contributes to the normalization process of digestion.The drug is not absorbed in the intestine, the body excreted unchanged.Excluded from the formu
lation auxiliaries of many drugs, such as sugar, lactose, therefore "Espumizan" can be used in children with diabetes or lactase deficiency. «Espumizan-40" manufactured for infants as an emulsion, is sold in vials having a volume of 300 ml.

Instructions for Use "Espumizan»

Before using the drug in infants should consult with a physician and carefully read the instructions.Give infants "Espumizan-40" in the form of emulsions 25 drops from 3 to 5 times per day.When poisoning administered 10-50 ml of the preparation, depending on the severity of the condition.Before using the vial of emulsion must be thoroughly shaken, turn down the neck and instill the right amount of drops.The emulsion was added to the water or to infant formula, is poured into the bottle and give the child during or after a meal. closed bottle Shelf life - 3 years.Opened vials must be stored in the refrigerator for no longer than a month, under the lid tightly closed.

often "Espumizan" well tolerated, in rare cases, allergic reactions may occur.The drug is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the components, as well as in the case of intestinal obstruction.Comments on the application of "Espumizan" Infant different: there are both positive and negative.In some cases, the drug does not have the desired effect.If cramps after taking "Espumizan" do not go during the week, it is possible that bloating is caused by a serious illness and, therefore, require different treatment.