Action ointment allergy

To choose a good ointment that will prevent an attack of allergy and irritation to the skin, it is necessary to know the principle of action of these drugs.They do not allow allergens to penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis, the skin's surface to create an invisible barrier.Their main purpose is to reduce the inflammation in the skin of the hands and face, eliminating dryness, itching, and redness, as well as the exclusion of infection by skin contact with an irritant, and relapse prevention.

Masi from allergies and irritation should not include in its composition components which may provoke a new exacerbation of allergic reaction.

Most often, this category of ointments used natural ingredients.All anti-allergic creams and ointments are divided into hormonal and non-hormonal drugs, so they can correctly choose only the dermatologist.Hormonal agents penetrate deeply into the skin and neutralize the allergen inside and hormonal ointments well help in mild allergies.This doctor should assign complex treatment of allergies with the help of modern medicines.

Choice antihistamine ointment that relieves symptoms

Despite the picture of allergy on the skin, its treatment is often the same - a special diet and appropriate medications.To eliminate the risk of recurrence of allergic appointed antihistamines and corticosteroid ointments such as "Advantan", "Elokim" or "ftorokort" recognized as the dermatologists and cosmetologists.

All of these tools are tested for efficacy and safety, but they contain a part of the hormones that is not always welcomed by patients with allergies.

Ointment from irritation and allergies, it is desirable to use after rectified the cause of an allergic reaction.In chronic rashes and flaking of the skin doctors prescribe supports basic therapy, which is based on the use of a special group means - emollients.Emollients are used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes, softening and moisturizing irritated skin, preventing further development of skin reactions.In addition, these substances protect skin allergies from the aggressive exposure to harmful external factors.For maximum effect, it is desirable to use emollients, together with medical cosmetics, has healing and soothing properties.