role of the liver in the human body can not be overestimated.This body splits all substances entering the body and neutralization of toxins, bacteria, germs and viruses.At failures in the work of this body may have problems with digestion, bloating, heartburn, heaviness, discomfort in my right side, and a feeling of bitterness in the mouth.In this case it is necessary to take measures to support the liver.
There are a number of drugs to the liver, based on the healing effects of herbs.These tools include "Galstena."It not only improves the symptoms, but also restores the liver cells, normalizes the biliary tract and eliminates bile stasis.The whole complex of extracts of Helichrysum flowers, seed oats, peppermint leaves, grass and roots molodushki turmeric is part of the preparatio
n "Ovesol."It has a detoxifying effect, eliminates bile stasis and restores function of draining bile ducts.
essential phospholipids are able to restore the cell walls of the liver.This increases the enzymatic activity body - it consumes less energy to work, and thus operates much more efficiently.Improving physical and chemical properties of bile.This group of drugs are "Essentiale Forte N", "Essliver" and "Phosphogliv."
useful for liver and drugs of animal origin.They are made on the basis of hydrolyzate cattle liver tissue and liver cells of pigs.These drugs have a detoxifying and hepatoprotective effect and restore healthy liver function.Therapy with these drugs is shown in cirrhotic liver, hepatitis, liver failure, and lesions of the body poisons and toxins, including alcohol.These include "Syrepar" and "Gepatosan".
Very popular is the drug as "Karsil."The main active ingredient in it is silymarin, extracted from the leaves and shoots of thistle.Silymarin prevents the destruction of cell membranes of the liver and stimulates the development of new ones.This drug is used during antibiotic therapy during long holidays and feasts, associated with a heavy load on the liver.
big role in the functioning of the liver plays an amino acid.They provide the synthesis of phospholipids and other useful biologically active substances, and also have a detoxifying and regenerating effect.On this basis, established drugs such as "Geptral" and "Geptor."Ademetionine included in their composition, breaks down organic fats and removes them from the human liver.These drugs are indicated for toxic liver damage, chronic hepatitis, fatty degeneration, depression, and withdrawal syndrome.A useful remedy for the liver and is "Hepa-Merz," which is composed of amino acids such as ornithine.